What is Brazilian Body Sugaring?

Brazilian body sugaring
is the removal of all genital hair, front and rear (unless of course you don't want the back done – just mention it). It is uncomfortable and a little painful, but worth it! You will be completely smooth, and won't have to come back for about 4 weeks. The hair grows back much thinner and finer. Ingrown hairs are less likely than with traditional waxing due to the fact that body sugaring pulls the hair completely from the follicle, thus, no breakage at the surface.

How do I find a salon?

Finding a salon that does a complete Brazilian is sometimes difficult. Finding one that does men's Brazilians is almost impossible – but you've come to the right place – I do both!

Before you get a Brazilian, be sure that the person performing it is a professional. Ask questions! How many have they done? How often do they do them? Don't be afraid to spend a little extra money on your Brazilian. What you don't want is a "bargain". A higher priced Brazilian usually means a more experienced professional. You can start small with a bikini sugaring , and move on to a Brazilian if you're too nervous your first time. Being completely smooth is the best however!

What should I expect?

When you arrive, you will be taken to a private room. You will lie on a facial/massage bed with your legs relaxed. Your esthetician will trim the hair if it's too long. It only needs to be about ¼ inch. She will then cleanse the area to be sugared and apply powder to absorb any body oils or moisture. A ball of sugar will be removed from the jar and applied to your hair in the opposite direction of growth, and pulled off in the direction of growth. Small areas at a time will be done, starting from the sides and working inwards. Once the top (mons pubis) is done, she will remove the hair from the "lip area" (labia majora), or for the men, the scrotum. You may have to get into some awkward positions for the esthetician to reach your intimate spots. Once the front side is done, your esthetician will move to your rear side (unless of course you would rather not have this done). You will most likely be asked to flip over for this area. When you're done, you will be cleaned up and a soothing oil/lotion will be applied. You will be completely smooth and shouldn't have much, if any, discomfort.

How should I prepare?

Your hair needs to be about ¼ inch long. If it's too short the sugar cannot grab the hair. If it's too long, let your esthetician trim it for you. Take a couple of over the counter pain relievers 1 hour before your appointment. Wear loose comfortable clothes. Try to relax, and don't be nervous – you'll love the results – and so will your partner!

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