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“Here is one for the guys... my wife turned me on to this method after I had been shaving for years. Yes, the first time was a bit harsh (but worth it). The first thing I noticed was the hair grew back sooo slow and only about half as much. I went back a second time and it was a walk in the park. Kim does make great conversation and makes the process a breeze. If you are thinking about it, please just go and do it, I swear you wont regret it!!! Thank you KIM.”
- Steve P.

“I have had the best experience with Kim, I truly appreciate her professionalism, and courteousness.”
- Ivette R.

“My first experience with sugaring was also my first time having anything like this done so I can't compare it to anything. However, I can say that Kimberly is extremely professional, does everything she can to make you comfortable and while there is some discomfort it really isn't that bad and the benefits are well worth it! That's why I went back a second time... and will be back again!”
- Michael G.

"I used to have the “typical” Brazilian waxing procedure, but decided to try sugar waxing when I started going to Kim. I cannot tell you what a difference it makes! As usual, the first time waxing is not a fun experience. HOWEVER, every waxing after the first one is nothing… not so much as a flinch! There is a definite difference in typical waxing and sugar waxing! Kim is fast, extremely thorough - to the point of perfection, very professional but great to talk to also. My pregnant niece even started going to her. I LOVE IT!" 
- Diana H.

"Ever since Kim introduced me to sugar waxing, I am absolutely hooked! You are missing out if you have not yet tried this - no more shaving of course, and a smoothness even better, longer-lasting, and gentler than what you can get with regular waxing. The biggest surprise for me at first was how easy it was, mainly because Kim is such an expert at keeping things flowing. Not only do I love the results, my husband does too!"
- Jen P.

"I had a very wonderful experience. Kim is great, she explained any questions or concerns I had about sugar waxing. She also made me feel as comfortable as possible before she started the procedure. Sugar waxing is great and it doesn't hurt much at all. Kim provided a service that she totally sold me on. I definitely will be back !!!"
- Jemita G.

“Kim is hands down the best esthetician in Dallas . You can't find sugaring ANYWHERE else, and this procedure is far superior to waxing. It's not pain-free, but Kim is amazingly fast. She's pretty sneaky, in fact, engaging you in conversation and making you laugh while pulling out your hair. I've never been on her table for longer than 30 minutes, and the time flies by! Thanks, Kim!”
- Rachel W.

"This was my very first experience and I must say, Kim is absolutely fantastic. She made me feel like I have been doing this for years. It was the best experience. Thank You for making it so easy"
- Tre

"Kim has become my favorite lady! She sugars my wife a couple times a month and it is awesome! I have recommended Kim to many friends and they are just as happy as we are."

"I've been a fitness swimwear model/competitive bodybuilder for many years so one can imagine how important it is for me to have unwanted hair removed quickly, easily and with NO unsightly BUMPS! I happened upon Kim's service after the world's WORST Brazilian. The woman who had been waxing my eyebrows and legs swore up and down that she could do a full Brazilian. WRONG! She covered my entire genitalia with the wax, then to my horror (as well as hers) she couldn't get it off! I swear I couldn't sit down or wear panties for a week! I had been hearing everyone in the salon rave about Kimberly and how different and how much better her services were. THEY WERE!! Times... a gazilion. Kimberly has been making my kittie very pritty for nearly 2 years now and I don't have a singular complaint. She is very professional, makes you feel completely at ease. She performs her sugaring services quickly and with very little discomfort. And as others have said before me, she is VERY thorough which is paramount for a woman in my profession. I highly recommend that anyone who is dealing with unwanted body hair, male or female go see Kimberly. I guarantee that once you visit her you will never use another's services again."
- Emilia R.



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